What is Die Nasty?

Die-Nasty is a live improvised soap opera whose format features a continuing storyline and recurring characters, live music and a director who sets up scenes for the audience and performers in voiceover. Each Die Nasty season is featured around a theme in which the characters and story lines are based.

Die Nasty was created in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1991 and continues weekly at the Varscona Theatre. The original cast of Die Nasty included Jeff Haslam, Dana Andersen, Stephanie Wolfe, Patti Stiles, Leonna Brausen, Cathleen Rootsaert, Harvey Andersen, John B. Lowe, David Mann, Kirsten Van Ritzen, with Director Ian Ferguson and musical director Jan Randal.

The first Soap-A-Thon was held in Edmonton, AB. Canada in 1993. The first performer to go all 53 hours was Mark Meer (best known as the voice of Commander Sheppard in Mass Effect). The following year Dana Andersen & Patti Stiles took on the challenge making Patti the first women to go all 53 hours. In 2005, director Dana Andersen exported the company’s annual Soap-A-Thon to England, working with legendary British theatre teacher Ken Campbell to produce a 36 hour-long soap opera in London. Currently the Die Nasty style soap a thon is played in Edmonton, London, Cork, Bristole and now Melbourne Australia.

Die-Nasty first came to the shores of Australia in 2011. Produced by Katherine Weaver and Directed by original Die-Nasty cast member Patti Stiles.The DN Soap A Thon puts improvisers to the test with 52 hours of continuous impro. That’s right 52 hours with some performers taking the challenge of performing the entire weekend without sleep.

The following Cast members were the first to go all 52 hours in Australia

Patti Stiles, Katherine Weaver, Rama Nicholas, Amy Moule Jaime Cerda, Lachlan Flemming, Sebastian Gunner, Mimeon Carville.

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