The first Die Nasty in Australia

2011 the birth of Die Nasty AU!

Katherine Weaver, tired of hearing Patti Stiles go on about the amazing Die Nasty soap a thon in Cananda, said “I want to do a soap a thon.  I will produce it if you will direct and train us.” Patti squealed with glee and the first Die Nasty Soap A Thon in Australia was born!

The Soap A Thon took place on Nov. 18-20, 2011 at Broken Mirror Studios in Brunswick, Vic.

The theme was 1945 the end of WW2 and the boys were coming home!  A time of jubilation and new starts.  It centered around the citizens of the quaint town of Dustsea the most northernly point in Australia and Apricot Capital of the world.

One could always find out what was going on by stopping by O’Donovan’s pub, run by Lil O’Donovan (Sarah Kinsella) she was know for her firm advice and special gin often served from a tea pots.  Course if gin isn’t your tipple you could pop into Loretta Heart’s (Rama Nicholas) coffee shop for the best scones in town.  You know that name?  Well sure Loretta was a local girl who made it big on the USO circuit, but came home to re-open her father’s shop.  She was also a Ninja, but don’t tell anyone.  Speaking of the locals there is the Roberts family with Clancy Robert (Jason Geary) the Patriarch of the family and author of the Clancy tales children’s books like ‘Penny the Pithy Possum’.  His two boys Guy Roberts (Jaime Cerda) and his wife Lulu Roberts (Katherine Weaver) and of course Juilan Roberts, who never made it home.  Let’s not forget the fine ladies of the town Wilma Baker (Anna Renzenbrink) who ran off with that travelling salesman (Nigel Sutton), Beat Poetry master Monica Jean Whitticker (Amy Moule) who should write a novel based on what happened to her and her aloof father William Whitticker (Tim Redmond) who set tongues a wagging with his intense love affair with Loretta egads! and of course sweet Eileen Willams (Michelle Nussey) widow and the best little homemaker in town.

Wasn’t just locals in Dustsea.  With the American Naval Base there, heck all sorts came to town.   There was Freddy Childs ( Mark Gambino) from the 22 Airborn and W.A.S.P Betty ‘Wings’ Barker, who is also an assassin – but don’t tell anyone.  If you want to get on the base, hey no problem just ask Annalise Andrews (Vic Healy) she is still trying to figure out the entry rules or perhaps Richard Small (Nick Byrne) can make a plan and show you the secret tunnels.

The town was overcome with young lovers reunited, sons and husbands never to return, traveling salesman, the traditional hanging of out of towers on the Christmas tree, hidden Germans, Mister Bun’s Ninja training, Children’s stories, magic Apricots that would make you sing, trips through the garden of unusual statues and the delight of hot scones.

How do we know all this?  Well it’s thanks to the penmanship of Sydney Herald Journalist and heartbreaker, Kennith Ramage (Greg Lavell) who was unhand to document the whole time.

The complete cast for the 2011 Soap A Thon (players who performed all 52 hours are in bold)

Cast:Vicky Kyriakakis, Amy Moule, Katherine Weaver, Vic Healy, Jenny Lovell, Rama Nicholas, Sarah Kinsella, Patti Stiles, Jason Geary, Rik Brown, Tim Redmond, Jaime Cerda, Michelle Nussey, Mimeon Carville, Nick Gardiol, Tom Markovitch, Anna Renzenbrink, Greg Lavell, Lachlan Fleming, Sebastian Gunner, Geoff Payne, Adam McKenzie, Rohan Johnson, Lynne Cazally, David Innes, Anders Gamboni, Mark Gambino, Rob Llyod, Nigel Sutton

Musicians: Gordon Dorin, Greg Lavell

Out of town guests: Nick Byrne (Canberra), Jennifer O’Sullivan (Wellington NZ), Steve Kimmens (Sydney),

Crew: Bill Newton, Libby Weaver, Andrea Cheung, Steph Payne,

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