The first Die Nasty

Die Nasty – Edmonton

Die Nasty began in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1991 and continues weekly at the Varscona Theatre.  The original cast of Die Nasty included Jeff Haslam, Dana Andersen, Stephanie Wolfe, Patti Stiles, Leonna Brausen, Cathleen Rootsaert, Harvey Andersen, John B. Lowe, David Mann, Kirsten Van Ritzen, with Director Ian Ferguson and musical director Jan Randal.

Die-Nasty has been honoured with a special Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award for Excellence in Theatre, and has also been nominated for several Canadian Comedy Awards. In 2006, Die-Nasty was the recipient of the Canadian Comedy Award for best improv troupe in the country. On February 12, 2007, the troupe received special recognition from the government of Alberta upon reaching the milestone 500th episode of Die-Nasty.

  • Patti Stiles & Dana Andersen Patti Stiles & Dana Andersen 1996 was the first time Patti & Dana went the whole 53 hours, making Dana the second man to do it and Patti the first woman. Mark Meer was the first person to go the distance in 1995.
  • The cast of the 2009 Soap A Thon The cast of the 2009 Soap A Thon The theme was a High School reunion
  • Patti Stiles & Jeff Haslam Patti Stiles & Jeff Haslam The closing of the 2009 Soap A Thon where they had both completed the whole event.
  • Die Nasty season Die Nasty season Theme: Big Gulch Alberta
  • Soap A thon 2002 Soap A thon 2002 Theme The Bun Bun family reunion
  • Soap A Thon 2010 Soap A Thon 2010 Theme: The Wake of Orson Cain
  • Die Nasty 2nd. season Die Nasty 2nd. season Theme: Hotel Hello
  • Die Nasty season Die Nasty season Theme: the crusie ship the HMS Kukamunga
  • Die Nasty season Die Nasty season Theme: The Kavanaghs


The current cast of Die-Nasty features Dana Andersen, Matt Alden, Leona Brausen, Belinda Cornish, Tom Edwards, Jeff Haslam, Mark Meer, Cathleen Rootsaert, Sheri Somerville, Davina Stewart, Stephanie Wolfe and Donovan Workun. Notable former cast members include Josh Dean, Nathan Fillion, Ron Pederson and Patti Stiles. In the course of its twenty-season run, Die-Nasty has welcomed many prominent guest stars, including Joe Flaherty, Mump and Smoot, Robin Duke, Mark McKinney, Alan Tudyk and Mike Myers.

Die-Nasty hosts the annual Soap-A-Thon — 53 hours of continuous improv, which features many performers going the entire weekend without sleep. The first Soap-A-Thon was held in 1993, and was the company’s first production in the Varscona. The current record holders for most performance hours at the Soap-A-Thon are core cast members Mark Meer and Patti Stiles. In 2005, director Dana Andersen exported the company’s annual Soap-A-Thon to England, working with legendary British theatre artist Ken Campbell to produce a 36 hour-long soap opera in London.  Currently the Die Nasty style soap a thon is played in Edmonton, London, Cork, Bristole and now Melbourne Australia.


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