Little Soap On The Prairie

The 4th Annual Australian Die-Nasty Soap-a-thon!
52 straight hours! One amazing story!
Friday December 5 at 6pm to Sunday the 9th at 10pm!

Little Soap On The Prairie_WC12961_26811_26892

It’s the 18 hundred … somethings and the Pioneer spirit is alive! The Gateau family from Knuckey Territory travels across a harsh unforgiving land in a covered wagon. Through the treacherous Ambush Valley and navigating the confusing often-contradictory Abbot Crossing they finally arrive in beautiful Lamington Grove.

_WC13022_26865_26946This feisty family is composed of the achingly handsome and high-spirited Charles ‘Pa’ Gateau (Tim Redmond) who has a quick wit and a faster temper when it comes to anyone aiming to hurt his family. Standing by her man is the devoted Mercy ‘Ma’ Gateau (Anna Renzenbrink) this strong-willed woman with a heart of gold always seems to know the perfect thing to say. From their loins came forth their brood; the eldest is the charming, proper and a favorite of the boys, the seemingly innocent Marie Gateau (Michelle Nussey). Next in line is the freckled & plucky tomboy sister Lori ‘Half-pot’ Gateau (Patti Stiles) who always seems to be getting her pigtails in a knot of trouble.

_WC13020_26863_26944Lamington Grove is a quiet and upright society. Its inhabitants include; pinch-faced Constance ‘Widder’ Tuesday (Jenny Lovell) proprietress of Tuesday’s Mercantile Store – which sells everything from hardware to clothes to supplies to medicines, potions and nostrums. Widder Tuesday’s ward is Adelaide Tuesday (Sarah Kinsella) a fine upstanding woman and Chair of the Women’s Christian Temperance society. Across the main street from their store is a purveyor of night time delights run by the bodacious hostess Bonnie Borderland (Vicki Kyriakakis) and if you sit down for a game of cards be careful of her eagle eyed gambling sister Rose Texas (Katherine Weaver)._WC13023_26866_26947

Keeping this town in line with the Law is eligible bachelor Sherriff Biff Tannen (Jaime Cerda) whose brother Bufford Tannen (Steve Kimmens) is off fighting in the Confederate War.


_WC12952_26970_26975Towns such as this, in the middle of nowhere are susceptible to a hodgepodge posse of travelers over 52 hours you will charmed by a cast of thousands such as traveling snake oil salesman with potions and lotions galore (Rama Nicholas) or the untamed trapper Vincent Charles Taylor just call him ‘Easy’ (Rik Brown) and so many more!!!!

_WC12983_26828_26909The 4th Annual Die-Nasty Soap-a-thon presents 52 hours that will take you back to the days of barn dances and watering holes, skipping rocks and apple picking, rolling in the hay and living by the good book. A time where your word was your honor, a kind deed was never forgotten and an unkind one was always repaid. A place where starvation could be a locust plague away and life was vulnerable to whatever stranger rode your way. Loyalty, lust, honor, family, love and that special brand of Western Prime Time Drama acting…

Beginning Friday December 5 at 6pm and playing continually through till Sunday December 7 at 10pm.



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