2011 – Theme: 1945 Dustsea Australia

It’s WW2 and like many cities around the world this little town huddles around the radio at night anxious to hear word about their loved ones.  Port Dustsea is known as the Apricot capitol of Australia it has a distinctive laid back atmosphere, with old world charm.  It is also the most Northernly Port in Australia, a strategic point of defence in WW2 hosting an American Defense base.

Our soap begins just after the surrender of Germany.  The world begins to celebrate peace but the biggest power and threat to Australian soil Japan is still at war.   What happens to a small town when the boys comes home changed from their experiences at war.  What happens to a small town when some boys never come home.

Performance & Publicity photos from the 2011 Soap A Thon.

Cast:Patti Stiles, Rama Nicholas, Jason Geary, Jimmy James Eaton, Rik Brown, Sarah Kinsella,Michelle Nussey, Tim Redmond, Mark Gambino, Jenny Lovell, Katherine Weaver, Anna Renzenbrink, Jaime Cerda, Greg Lavell, Amy Moule, Sebastian Gunner, Mimeon Carville, Vicki Kyriakakis, Vic Healy, Nick Gardiol, Anders Gamboni, Tom Markovich, David Stuart, Lachlan Flemming, Gordon Dorin, Steph Payne, Lynne Cazaly, Rohan Johnson, Geoff Paine, Rob Lloyd, Adam Mckenzie, Nigel Sutton

Out of town guests:
Nick Byrne (Canberra), Jennifer O’Sullivan (New Zealand), Steve Kimmens (Sydney)

The FIRST Marathoners – the cast who went the distance with no sleep!
Patti Stiles, Rama Nicholas, Katherine Weaver, Jaime Cerda, Greg Lavell, Amy Moule, Sebastian Gunner, Mimeon Carville, Lachlan Flemming, Nick Byrne, Jennifer O’Sullivan, Steve Kimmens

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