2012 – Theme: 19th Century Spain!

¡Hóla! Bienvenido a España

Destiny, power, passion and Bandoleros!

Enter the world of 19th Century Spain a mystifying period of volatility and struggle as the “Ancient régime” of Queen Isabella II faces an uprising of the people as they defend Spain and its traditions.

Join us for 52 hours of saucy dancing, flirty fans, smouldering eyes, Romantic Zorros, sword fighting, naughty Gypsies and a wayward Queen whose children were rumoured to not be the Kings.


Cast for 2012 Soap A Thon

Our stellar line up

Patti Stiles, Katherine Weaver, Rama Nicholas,Jason Geary, Sarah Kinsella, Rik Brown, Mark Gambino, Tim Redmond, Michelle Nussey, Anna Renzenbrink, Jaime Cerda, Victoria Healy, Amy Moule,Greg Lavell, Vicki Kyriakakis, Lachlan Fleming, Merrliee McCoy, Chris Broadstock, David Innis, Jaklene Vukasinovic, Emmet Nichols,

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