We made it!!!!  What a wonderful time we had in Lamington Grove!

Congratulations to Katherine Weaver, Jaime Cerda, Vicki Kyriakakis, Linda Calgaro and Patti Stiles for going the whole 52 hours!

Our cast:
Katherine Weaver as Eric Venton_WC14107_27343
Patti Stiles as Lori ‘Half Pot’ Gateau
Jaime Cerda as Sherrif Biff Tannen
Vicki Kyriakakis as Saloon Mistress Bonnie Beaudelaire
Linda Calgaro as Nelly Bain
Tim Redmond as Charlie ‘Pa’ Gateau
Anna Renzenbrink as Mercy ‘Ma’ Gateau_WC14088_27300
Michelle Nussey as Mattie Gateau
Steve Kimmens as Preacher Buford Tannen
Jenny Lovell as Constance Tuesday owner of the Mercantile Store _WC14725_27317
Sarah Kinsella as Adeline Tuesday ward and secret actual daughter of Constance
Rik Brown as Dr. Vincent Charles Taylor, just call him Easy
Rama Nicholas as Percy Cotton
Adam McKenzie as Bucky the horse
Adam McKenzie as Trader Pete
Emilie Collyer as Amelia Cog
Christine Brooks as Mrs. Rosie Wilmington
Mike Bryant as Yakob Yarlsberg
Ben Watts as Mayor Jeffrey McCullen
Matt Jenner as Jeremiah Suffolk
Vaughan Crole as Johnny ‘Dianne’ Tennesse
Steff Kuypers as The amazing Brian Langley
Jackson Cowan as Herman ‘Hatman’ Johnson

Rhys, Michael, Nico, Angus, Dan, Nick, Claire,

Technical & Production team:
Patrick, Tim, Jaime, Katherine, Patti, Libby, Callum, Ashley

Front of house and food team:
Steff, Coby, Matt, James, Rachael, Kate, Marie Claire, Amy, Shopie, Jak, Jackson,

Thank you to Impro Melbourne and all of our sponsors!

We will be back next year!

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